BR 3-154 on US9 and BR 3-153 on SR1A Rehoboth Avenue over Lewes-Rehoboth Canal, MBR 1808, Lets 10/30/2018

Bride Site DE 19971
622 Rehoboth Avenue Rehoboth Beach Delaware 19971 US

Owner Project Number: T201507602.02
MBR Project Number: MBR 1808
Project Location: Sussex County, DE
Body of Water: Lewes-Rehoboth Canal
Local Name: BR 3-154 on US9 Savannah Road and BR 3-153 on SR1A Rehoboth Avenue
Structure Number: 3153 015
Owner Agency: Delaware Department of Transportation
Owner Agency Website: Delaware Department of Transportation
Engineer of Record: H&H
Engineer’s Estimate: TBD
Let Date: 10/30/2018
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