(FL) Central Florida Rail Corridor (CFRC) Lake Monroe Drawbridge Painting, MBR 1991 Lets 3/18/2022


Owner Project Number: DOT-RFP-22-5007-LMBP
MBR Project Number: MBR 1991
Project Location: FL
Body of Water: Lake Monroe
Local Name: Lake Monroe RR Drawbridge
Structure Number: —-
Owner Agency: Central Florida Rail Corridor/FODT
Owner Agency Website:  Central Florida Rail Corridor/FODT
Engineer of Record: Central Florida Rail Corridor/FODT
Engineer’s Estimate: TBD
Letting Date: 3/18/2022



Bridge construction and repair service


Bridge painting service

CFRC Operations a. The bridge shall remain operational in accordance with the plans. b. The Department shall be responsible to conduct balance testing and required adjustments. c. The containment system shall not adversely impact balance and lift span operation. d. Railroad operating clearances are defined in the plans.


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