Lake Pontchartrain Bridge, Louisiana, Rehab the Movable Spans, MBR1768, New Let Date 4/11/18

U.S. 11 New Orleans Louisiana 70129 US

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Owner Project Number: H.011705
MBR Project Number: MBR1768
Project Location: New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, and St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
Body of Water: Lake Pontchartrain
Local Name: Lake Pontchartrain Bridge
Structure Number: N/A
Owner Agency: Louisiana Department of Transportation
Owner Agency Website: LA DOT Website
Engineer of Record:  Brauner, Kurt
Engineer’s Estimate: $20,000,000 to $30,000,000
Let Date: 4/11/2018
Bid Amount: $28,360,002.30
Awarded To: American Bridge Co.

Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Addendum 3

Environmental Clearance Memo


Approved Usage Permit 2018

Paint Test Results Highway 11

Plans Part 1

Plans Part 2

Plans Part 3

Plans Part 4

Plans Part 5

Plans Part 6

Plans Part 7

Plans Part 8

Plans Part 9

Plans Part 10

Plans Part 11

Plans Part 12


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