New Jersey, Furnishing and Delivering Bridge Vertical Warning Gates, MBR1729, Let 10/3/17

Cape May County, NJ
640 Goshen Road New Jersey 08210 US

Owner Project Number: 2017PW-30
MBR Project Number: MBR1729
Project Location: Cape May County, New Jersey
Body of Water: TBD
Local Name: TBD
Structure Number: TBD
Owner Agency: Cape May County
Owner Agency Website: Cape May County Website
Engineer of Record: Allison Chiera Tel: 609-465-6828
Engineer’s Estimate: TBD
Let Date: 10/3/17
Low Bidders:
-Richard N. Best Associates, Inc. $79,324.59
-B & B Roadway and Security Solutions, LLC $151,790.00
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