Ocean Drive CR619, New Jersey, Re-Bid Recoating Bridge Railing, MBR1750, Let Date 1/17/18

Stone Harbor, NJ

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Owner Project Number: 2017PW-46
MBR Project Number: MBR1750
Project Location: Cape May County, Stone Harbor, New Jersey
Body of Water: Great Channel
Local Name: Ocean Drive CR619
Structure Number: 3100003
Owner Agency: Cape May County
Owner Agency Website: Cape May County Website
Engineer of Record: TBD
Engineer’s Estimate: TBD
Let Date: 1/17/18
Low Bidders:
-Allied Painting, Inc. $487,995.00
-Brave Industrial Paint, LLC $814,513.00
-Jupiter Painting Contracting $1,202,791.39 Co., Inc.
Bid Amount: $487,995.00
Awarded To: Allied Painting, Inc.

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