Repairs to Vermilion River, Esterwood Pontoon, and Bayou Teche Swing Bridges, MBR1806, Lets 11/14/1018 (rebid date)

1025 Louisiana 1181 Plaucheville Louisiana 71362 US

Owner Project Number: Various-See attachment
MBR Project Number: MBR1806
Project Location: Various-See attachment
Body of Water: Various-See attachment
Local Name: Various-See attachment
Structure Number: Various-See attachment
Owner Agency: Louisianan Department of Transportation
Owner Agency Website: Louisiana Department of Transportation
Engineer of Record: LADOT
Engineer’s Estimate: $1,899,700
Let Date: 11/14/2018 (rebid date)

Note: Coastal Bridge Co, LLC was apparent Low Bidder at $1,855,000.00 on previous bid. Project rebids on 11/14/2018.

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