SW 1st St Bridge, Florida , Bridge Replacement, MBR1780, Let Date 6/13/18

Miami, FL
10 Southwest South River Drive Miami Florida 33130 US

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Owner Project Number: T6433
MBR Project Number: MBR1780
Project Location: Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida
Body of Water: Miami river
Local Name: SW 1st St Bridge
Structure Number: 870660
Owner Agency: Florida Department of Transportation
Owner Agency Website: FDOT Website
Engineer of Record: Michael J Sileno Hardesty & Hanover, LLC
Engineer’s Estimate: TBD
Let Date: 6/13/18
Let Date: 6/13/18
Apparent Low Bidders (1): GLF Construction at $67,230,570
Apparent Low Bidders (2): Johnson Bros at $65,707,067.00
Apparent Low Bidders (3): Kiewit at $72,892,284.85
Award: GLF Construction on 7/3/2018





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