Walnut Street and Main Street, Wisconsin, Lighting Replacement, MBR1756, Let Date 1/30/18

Green Bay, WI
126-146 East Walnut Street Green Bay Wisconsin 54301 US

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Owner Project Number: 5501949
MBR Project Number: MBR1756
Project Location: Brown County, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Body of Water: Fox River
Local Name: Walnut Street and Main Street
Structure Number: B05031100000000 and B05026900020000
Owner Agency: City of Green Bay
Owner Agency Website: City of Green Bay Website
Engineer of Record: TBD
Engineer’s Estimate: TBD
Let Date: 1/30/18
Low Bidders:
-Northern Electric, INC $428,420.00(Alt1.), $498,030.00(Alt.2), $434,545.00(Alt.3), $462,455.00(Alt.4)
-Bodart Electric Service, INC $487,525.00(Alt.1), $546,285.00(Alt.2), $492,275.00(Alt.3), $542,035.00(Alt.4)
-Elmstar Electric Corporation $749,940.00(Alt.1), $737,990.00(Alt.2), $629,950.00(Alt.3), $599,920.00(Alt.4)


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