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New project opportunities are the life blood of our industry. A Pro Membership provides a well-organized listing of qualified projects in an easy to use format. Membership also gets your company recognized as an industry resource by others. Click the video or read below to learn more.

Who are you?

Are you listed in the Movable Bridge Resource Directory? If you are in the Movable Bridge Business, then you should be listed here. Take a look at the directory for companies that have been qualified as specialist in their field.  If your company provides specialty services for our industry, then you will want to be listed too. And the listing comes as part of your Pro Membership.

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Bringing Jobs to You
Movable Bridge Resource offers qualified projects directly into your hands. Our site provides an easy way to track projects in various stages from design to award. All this information is sent to you daily via email and available in our Members-Only area of the site.
What percentage of your revenue goes toward your marketing effort? Let Movable Bridge Resource do the work for you and significantly reduce your in-house marketing cost.  Sign up here.

Focused on Movable Bridges
What we provide is a clear listing of movable bridge projects throughout North America. Perfect for helping contractors, vendors, engineers and others to find jobs.

Listing we feature include:

  • Full bridge replacement
  • Rehab jobs
  • Decking replacement
  • Machinery repair/replacement
  • Control/electrical work
  • Structure steel repair
  • Concrete work
  • Bridge painting
  • Bridge balancing
  • Bridge operation and maintenance
  • General engineering

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Connecting Within the Industry
All Pro Members can promote their company in our Resource Directory and be periodically featured in our weekly newsletter. Networking on our site allows contractors, vendors and engineers to build professional relationships even before projects are advertised.

A Name and Service You Can Trust
Movable Bridge Resource has been around since 2011. The company founders have been in the movable bridge industry since the early ’90’s. The Pro Membership program was developed by professionals in the business that know what you need. That’s why we can offer these services without any long term contracts. We know the value is there and so will you. 90% of our members have been with us for over 3 years.

What’s It Worth?
What is winning one movable bridge project worth? More importantly, what is the cost of losing one job? We know the marketing effort involved in this industry. Let find those missing projects for you.

Get full access immediately and become a Pro Member to start tracking jobs today. $299 per month gives you an all-access Pro Membership. This gives you all project listings and contract documents. Plus, your company will be featured on the sites Resource Directory. Click here to start growing your company.

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