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Elcommtech Corp. is engaged in design and development of products and solutions to assist bridge owners and operators with implementing the best practices in bridge operations, maintenance and staff training. MBOSS (Movable Bridge Operations Supervisory System) is a software and hardware platform targeted as a complete management solution for operating and maintaining movable bridges. The initial prototype of MBOSS was built and successfully demonstrated at the HMS2018 symposium in Orlando.

MBOSS is designed to provide a wide range of services. Most of the features described below are currently under development and expected to become available in stages, starting towards the end of 2019 and expected to be completed in 2020, and to be presented at the upcoming HMS2020 symposium.


Operational Monitoring –  provides tools and facilities for real-time monitoring, audit and logical verification of operating workflows and processes, and real-time fault and anomaly detection.

Structural Health Monitoring – provide tools and facilities for real-time monitoring of critical structure related parameters (vibration of spans and machinery, component incline/tilt, strain, etc.)

Alerting and Notifications –  provides tools and facilities for alerting the maintenance teams and bridge owners in case of malfunctions, and also providing traffic control centers (TCC) with realtime visual dashboards. (Supported communication channels: sms, voice call, skype, email, any 3-rd party messaging and alerting apps).

Diagnostics – provides tools for local and remote access to the diagnostics data, opening sequence playback with visual simulation of an opening, automated control system component level diagnostics (automatic detection of problem with logic and limit switches), automatic fault location, and root cause analysis.

Preventive Maintenance – provides means for machine learning algorithms to analyse current and historical data and generate PM notifications and alerts.

Incident Management – provides tools for managing various forms and procedures for responding to system alerts and failures, and other maintenance procedures.

Work Orders – provides tools for managing corrective actions related to incidents and scheduled work

Supply Management – provides tools for management of spare parts inventory and supply vendors

Training System – provides hybrid movable bridge simulators for training staff. Simulators may include working samples of real operating devices, other devices may be represented via computer graphics to create a realistic view of bridge tender’s workspace. The training facility utilizes operating data and configuration collected from the actual bridges for generating accurate and detailed scenario simulations.

Cost Tracking and Analytics – provides tools for tracking of bridge operation and maintenance costs by means of the standalone operation or by integration with 3-rd party asset management software.

Integration API – provide simple means for external parties or 3-rd party systems to extract the data or communicate with the system.

System Design

MBOSS is a distributed system with multiple components. The foundation part is an advanced data collection and monitoring platform which aggregates status data from the control system, operating machinery and structural monitoring sensors. Collected data is stored onsite and also simultaneously synchronized with a central communication service integrated with the web portal and other software components.

MBOSS is created with a focus on maximum safety and is designed not to affect nor alter the existing flow of movable bridge operations. The system provides a read-only interface to all sensors and control system data points. No monitoring PLCs contain any output cards and thus are unable to initiate an opening sequence nor access any other control functions of the monitored bridge.

MBOSS system continuously scans collected data for anomalies, faults and operational errors. Each step of the opening sequence is auditable from the both logical and operational perspectives. The audit process dynamically resolves all component dependencies and relationships for each step and maintains historical data about each component.

The data collected from multiple bridges is aggregated and processed to improve system knowledge about component’s life span and usage pattern across various types of bridges and applications. This information is further processed and used to generate maintenance alerts and suggestions for predictive maintenance scheduling.

System Implementation

During the on-boarding process, MBOSS team handles full cycle of adopting MBOSS to a new site. Our engineering team studies the design of the bridge and it’s control system and build all necessary hardware interfaces to facilitate data collection process.

For more information please read the MBoss_Proposal_v6

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