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MBOSS – Movable Bridge Operations Supervisory System

MBoss is a complete service management solution for the business of operating and maintaining movable bridges designed and offered by Elcommtech Corporation. MBoss embraces ITIL (IT Information Library) methodology and the industry’s best practices to provide efficient management of bridge operations.

MBoss oversees all processes related to Movable Bridge operations and maintenance in cycles by performing continuous health monitoring and data analysis to enable predictive maintenance and efficient troubleshooting.

MBoss offers tactical services, ranging from alerting maintenance teams and bridge owners on malfunctions to providing traffic control centers (TCC) with live movable bridge status, and centralizing information gathering to automating incident management, and predictive maintenance (PM) scheduling and tracking. In addition to this MBoss offers strategic solutions that aim at optimizing total cost of bridge ownership via automated service management and predictive maintenance.

MBoss service offerings are accessed via Service Catalog. All services are broken into two main categories – service process management and service object management.

MBoss Value Proposal

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