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Elcommtech Corporation 2620 Ocean Parkway, Suite 4H Brooklyn NY 11235
2616 Ocean Parkway New York 11235 US

Elcommtech Corporation in partnership with Intelink Corporation is currently engaged in the design/implementation phase of the creation of a computerized system monitoring and diagnostics solution for the movable bridge industry.

The system uses IoT technology and data analytic engine integrated with a network of sensors to enable centralized monitoring, collection analysis of diagnostic and event data from movable bridge machinery, span conditions and other parts of the systems. The monitoring system will include computer terminals installed in the operator’s house and designed to digitize certain tasks performed by bridge tenders such as vessel logging, reporting issues, requesting maintenance, communicating with the main office, maintenance personnel, and other bridge tenders. The terminal shall also be used to allow access to the diagnostics data and tools. The collected data will then be made available for reporting as well as diagnostic inquiry for maintenance purposes.  This historical data can then be analyzed and used to trigger alarms based on predictive failure analysis, replay and simulation of previous bridge operations and more. Additionally, it will help facilitate more efficient diagnostics and maintenance procedures.

We are currently in the process of selecting a candidate site to implement Elcommtech sponsored POC to demonstrate the technology and show the capabilities and benefits of applying IOT and data analytic techniques to movable bridge infrastructure.

Computerized Movable Bridge Monitoring System

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