Mayco Industries

18 West Oxmoor Road Birmingham, AL 35209
18 West Oxmoor Road Birmingham Alabama 35209 US

Mayco Industries is the largest, most diversified manufacturer of lead-based products in the United States. We are the ultimate source for your lead production needs, with processes including melting, rolling, machining, extruding, and coating. Mayco offers engineering support and design consultation on everything from small Radiation Shielding projects to large Ballast Projects. Our expert staff is here to satisfy your needs and stay with you through the entire process. Mayco operates two manufacturing plants and six distribution centers in all regions of the United States, thus reducing freight costs and delivery times. We can scrap and re-melt lead, allowing us to minimize costs and pass the savings along to our customers. Our Birmingham, Alabama location houses the world’s largest lead alloy rolling mill for sheet lead production. We have an experienced workforce with a strong safety record ready to help you.

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